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Fast Cash Funding understands the obstacles for small businesses to get the funding solutions they need. We give business quick and easy access to funding, no matter your industry or credit, up to $1 million. We get to know you and your business, not just your credit and financial numbers. Because of our network, we can be more flexible with funding, approving businesses when other lenders won't.

Small businesses don't have to hassle with the paperwork required by banks. We provide fast and reliable funding, through secured or unsecured funding and with flexible payback options.

The numbers speak for themselves - 80% of the businesses we provide funding to borrow from us again. We focus on building partnerships with our businesses and merchants. Let us help you, too.

Business Loans

Do you need to grow your business but don't have the funding? We can help your business grow with our flexible payment schedules, giving you the ability to expand, hire more employees and attract more customers. It's all on our terms.

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Merchant Cash Advance

You have sales coming in, but you need funding now. Use your future credit card sales to get the capital you need right now. Fast Cash Funding gets you a reliable funding solution to use for any of your business expenses.

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